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Periodontal Treatment

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Periodontal Care is essential for Your Gum Health

Known formally as periodontal disease, gum disease is a bacterial infection in the oral tissues that gradually worsens when left untreated. This condition affects your oral health in many ways, including causing your teeth to fall out. Fortunately, it is treatable when detected promptly by an experienced dentist. 

At Santa Monica Dental Office, Dr. Ellie Farahmand can complete a thorough assessment of your gum health. She looks for signs of gingivitis, gum recession, and tartar buildup contributing to gum inflammation. Dr. Farahmand can recommend the appropriate gum disease treatment for your condition.

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What Is Periodontal Treatment?

There are various options for periodontal dental treatment. They range from cleanings to surgical treatments to address deep periodontal pockets. When periodontal disease is diagnosed early, a less invasive treatment, like scaling and root planing, may be suitable to resolve the issue. Gum infection treatment is essential to stopping the disease from spreading and requiring more invasive treatment. As it advances, a gum infection can become more severe and may lead to tooth or bone loss.

Teeth Cleanings

During routine teeth cleanings, our team uses a periodontal scaler for tartar and plaque removal. This treatment is isolated to the surface because there often isn’t any gum recession. These appointments are typically recommended twice a year for patients with mild gingivitis or healthy gums. 

Scaling and Root Planing

If the bacterial infection has led to deep gum pockets, you may experience some recession. Our periodontist might recommend periodontal scaling and root planing as treatments, which may include removing accumulated debris from under the gum tissue.

Gross Debridement

A gross debridement assesses your teeth’s overall condition and determines whether you need scaling and root planing. This procedure is typically recommended when your last dental cleaning was over a year ago.

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Additional Periodontal Treatment

Sometimes, our in-house periodontist recommends additional treatment modalities to support scaling and root planning. For example, we may recommend medication to reduce the bacteria in your mouth, lessen inflammation, and shrink periodontal pockets. Our dental hygienist may apply this medication between pockets to support other treatment methods. 

Prescription mouth rinses are beneficial for you to use at home. These prescription rinses have ingredients that combat bacteria and can delay the progression of infection. Once your periodontal condition is under control, you will need to routinely return to our office for periodontal maintenance. This involves a deeper cleaning that targets periodontal pockets. 

These appointments allow the hygienist to remove plaque and tartar from between your teeth and gums. Maintenance appointments may be recommended every three to four months to ensure your gums remain healthy. 

Managing Your Periodontal Disease Diagnosis

Periodontal disease is manageable with proper care. At Santa Monica Dental Office, our periodontist can determine your best treatment options and prepare a customized plan to get your periodontal disease under control.

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