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Porcelain Fixed Bridges

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Many people have dental bridges in Santa Monica — you just don’t notice them.

This tooth replacement option is one of the most popular and affordable ways to repair a gap in your smile or replace missing teeth.

At Santa Monica Dental Office, Ellie Farahmand, DDS, has over 20 years of experience in restorative dentistry in Santa Monica and routinely performs this procedure to create beautiful results.  

If you’re missing a tooth, you don’t have to feel uncomfortable with your smile. Our warm and friendly team can use this effective restorative solution to help you love your smile. 

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What Are Porcelain Fixed Bridges in Santa Monica?

A porcelain fixed bridge replaces teeth that are missing due to injuries or disease. It is non-removable and custom-designed to fit your smile. These restorations are made from safe, tooth-colored materials and include two major components: the replacement tooth (pontic) and two crowns (abutments). The abutments attach to natural teeth and hold the artificial teeth in place. The pontic is an artificial tooth that fills the empty space. Dental bridges are used to: 

Restore chewing and speaking ability
Fill the space where teeth are missing
Prevent remaining teeth from moving from their position
Maintain facial shape
Replace a removable partial denture

As a dentist experienced with restorative and cosmetic dentistry in Santa Monica, Dr. Farahmand produces quality results and stands behind her work. You will typically need two appointments to complete a porcelain fixed bridge treatment. With proper brushing and flossing, you can keep your dental bridge intact for five to fifteen years.

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Implant-Supported Bridges

In many cases, an implant provides better support than traditional bridge abutments. An implant-supported bridge is a secure and long-lasting tooth restoration. Implants prevent the bone from weakening by integrating with the natural bone and creating a stronger restoration.

 An implant-supported bridge requires a few implants, depending on how many teeth are missing. The final restoration mimics the appearance and function of your natural teeth.

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Personalized Dental Care in Santa Monica 

We know your time is important. That is why we provide flexible scheduling so you can find a convenient appointment time that works for your schedule. Dr. Farahmand always takes her time to complete high-quality dental bridges in Santa Monica while paying attention to every detail. We are committed to staying current with technology and standards in dentistry to provide the best and most efficient treatment available.  

It is Dr. Farahmand’s mission to help every patient enjoy excellent oral health and a beautiful smile. Our Santa Monica dental practice provides skilled care with the most advanced dental solutions that can transform any smile — all in a warm and inviting environment.

Your Approachable and Exceptional Santa Monica Dental Office

When it comes to experienced dentists in Santa Monica, look no further than the Santa Monica Dental Office. Our dedicated team can support you as you navigate caring for your new dental appliance to ensure you love your smile for years to come.

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