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Porcelain Crowns

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customized and unique dental caps to create a smile you’ll love to share.

Dental crowns (caps) offer a great way to restore broken or damaged teeth and protect them from additional harm. If you need a tooth repair or have had a root canal, dental crowns may be the best restoration option for you. 

A qualified cosmetic dentist like Dr. Ellie Farahmand can create a tooth crown that seamlessly blends in with your natural smile. At Santa Monica Dental Office, you have a variety of cosmetic dental solutions to improve your dental health.

When You Need Dental Crowns in Santa Monica

Dr. Farahmand uses porcelain crowns to restore broken or cracked teeth, depending on the issue's complexity, the condition of your surrounding teeth, and existing dental treatment.Dental crowns are a versatile tooth restoration because they can correct numerous issues by:  

Binding pieces of a fractured tooth 
Adding protection to a weakened tooth 
Restoring a tooth after a root canal 
Covering a dental implant 
Cosmetically repairing chipped, discolored, or misshapen teeth 

When a tooth is too severely decayed, a dental crown is a viable solution to save the tooth. 

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Porcelain Crown Dental Procedures

There are many types of dental crowns, but porcelain is popular because of its natural look and durability. Porcelain crowns can return teeth to their original shapes and sizes while protecting and preserving the remaining natural teeth. 

Santa Monica Dental Office offers simple and affordable options for those needing quality dental care by a modern and experienced cosmetic dentist. And with its bright, natural lighting and wonderful scent, you can feel comfortable and at home in our office as you receive treatment.

Exceptional Cosmetic Dentistry for Your Damaged Teeth

You may benefit from visiting a cosmetic dentist in Santa Monica for dental veneers. Dr. Farahmand completes a thorough examination before determining whether you need a porcelain crown. She takes advantage of advanced technology in the dental industry. She uses an intraoral scanner to take digital images of the teeth to create a three-dimensional picture. With this technique, you can see the cracks, chips, or decay that must be addressed. Dr. Farahmand also uses this technology to replace the goopy impressions traditionally required for the dental crown procedure. 

After color-matching your natural tooth, Dr. Farahmand removes the outer layers of the affected tooth to prepare your tooth for a custom restoration. A temporary covering may be required for two weeks to protect it while waiting for the final product to return from the lab. At the second appointment, Dr. Farahmand removes your temporary crown and ensures that the new crown has the perfect fit and looks natural in your mouth. With your approval, the crown is cemented into your mouth and fine-tuned with minor adjustments.

A Warm and Friendly Cosmetic Dentist in Santa Monica

If you think you need a dental crown, a skilled and approachable cosmetic dentist is essential. Dr. Farahmand can complete a thorough examination and provide you with the detailed treatment plan needed to restore your oral health and help you achieve your smile goals.

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